Fees and Tuition

For the 2022-2023 school year, effective June 1, 2022
Due at time of application: a $65.00 non-refundable registration fee
Due at Meet the Teacher Afternoon: a $20.00 key fob fee is required for each family. Additional fobs are available. Photo ID taken for each fob. Replacement fee is $20.00, AND a $65.00 supply/field trip fee.
Second semester supply/field trip fee of $65 is due by January 10th.
Due July 1, first month's tuition for fall semester. Presbyterian Preschool Ministry tuition fees are due the 10th of each month thereafter.
A late fee of $10.00 per week must be included on all tuition received after the 10th of the month.
Early drop off and Late pickup fees may also be assessed.

              _____9:00-12:00pm $260/month                  _____2nd child $240/month                                  
                          _____9:00-3:00pm  $460/month                   _____2nd child $420/month                                    
                           _____7:00-5:00pm $500/month                    _____2nd child $460/month 
M-TH or T-F                              
                         _____9:00-12:00pm $340/month                  _____2nd child $300/month   
                           _____9:00-3:00pm  $600/month                   _____2nd child $540/month   
                          _____7:00-5:00pm  $660/month                   _____2nd child $600/month 
Monday through Friday                                     
                           _____9:00-12:00pm $420/month                 _____ 2nd child $380/month                                    
                           _____9:00-3:00pm  $580month                    _____2nd child$540/month                                    
                           _____7:00-5:00pm  $680/month                   _____2nd child $620/month 

                          _____9:00-1:00pm  $340/month                   _____2nd child $300/month                                     
                          _____9:00-3:00pm $460/month                    _____2nd child $420/month                                     
                          _____7:00-5:00pm $500/month                    _____2ndchild $460/month  
M-TH or T-F              
                         _____9:00-1:00pm $440/month                    _____2nd child $400/month                                     
                          _____9:00-3:00pm $600/month                   _____ 2ndchild $540/month                                     
                         _____7:00-5:00pm $660/month                    _____2nd child $600/month  
Monday through Friday                                    
                         _____9:00-1:00pm $500/month                   _____2ndchild $460/month                                    
                          _____9:00-3:00pm $580/month                   _____2ndchild $540/month                                    
                          _____7:00-5:00pm 680/month                     _____2ndchild $620/month·        

*Tuition monthly fees are based on 37 weeks, with 5 months in each semester.